Full School-Year       Monthly

 20-min. lesson  (K5 only)                                   $699                 $74

30-min. lesson                                                    $940                 $99

45-min. lesson                                                    $1320             $139

60-min. lesson                                                    $1699             $179


 30-min. private lesson                                        $940                $99

 45-min. small group lesson                                $1320             $139

 Lake Worth Kids Choir                                       $280                  $35
CREATIVE EXPLORATIONS                                                       $75
  First - Third grade
  Fourth - Sixth grade

MUSIC AND MOTION                                                               FREE
  Toddlers: 18 months - 2 years

  Preschool: 3 years - 4 years

REGISTRATION FEE - Annual Fee per Family                           $25

Books and materials as needed.                                                           

CAA follows the school year offering 31 lessons and two recitals. Lessons are once per week, excluding holidays.

Monthly tuition is due on the first lesson of the month.  It will be the same amount whether there are three, four or five lessons in the month. Tuition is based on an average of lessons received within the school year.  

Automatic Debit: You may use the Automatic Debit Plan for all payment plans. This is the most convenient way to pay for lessons.  This authorizes us to charge your credit or debit card for each payment on the 1st of each month from September through May.

Prepay discount: There will be a 10% discount for those prepaying for the full school year by the students first lesson.

Student Absences/Missed Lessons

     When a student signs up for private lessons or classes, he/she is paying for a specific lesson time slot. Since this time slot is reserved for that particular student and no other student can be booked during that time, payment of a lesson is due even when the student is not able to attend. Due to the high volume of students each instructor has and, although, we make every effort to make up missed lessons, it is at the discretion of the instructor to offer a make-up lesson.

     In the event that an instructor is absent for any reason, a make-up lessons will be offered to the student.  If a student absence is unavoidable, the student is requested to notify the instructor directly as a courtesy. 

     Please have your child arrive on time for their lessons. If a student arrives late, the instructor is unable to extend the lesson, and lessons will end at the student's scheduled time. Arriving on time maximizes your investment into your child.  If you are running late, please contact your Instructor so that he/she knows to wait for you.  Otherwise,Instructors will wait for a student for one third of the lesson time before starting another lesson or leaving.

     Though this attendance policy may seem strict, it is quite standard among reputable music schools.  We find it to be the best way to student attendance and learning.

Instruments and Instrument Rental

    A key to learning a new instrument is the practice that a student puts in between lessons; therefore, having an instrument to practice on is a necessity.   Students should make arrangements to secure their own instrument prior to their second lesson.  Stringed instruments and brass instruments are available for a minimal monthly rental fee at local music stores. An average size keyboard is sufficient for beginner and intermediate piano lessons.  These can be purchased at local music stores, Walmart, Radio Shack, etc.  Guitars need to be size appropriate.  If a student is small, their guitar needs to fit his or her size.  Ask your instructor for more information. CAA also gladly accepts donations of quality used instruments for use in the rental program.

Rules of Conduct
     Students enrolled in CAA are expected to behave in the same manner they would in any other educational setting. This includes respect for the facilities and the personal property of others and mutual respect for all students, faculty and personnel. If a student’s conduct is deemed disruptive or disrespectful, parents will be advised and appropriate measures will be taken.

Safety & Supervision

     Supervision cannot be provided for students left alone before or after their lessons. Parents should wait with their children and/or attend the lessons. Parents dropping off students at the lesson location and leaving do so at their own risk.